Wulian County Experimental P

  • Wulian County Experimental Primary School, Rizhao City, Shandong Province, sixth grade Mu Hongyutructor: Chen Changhupiness, like an elf, surrounds people every day. I have a close partner who brings me endless joy every daye, short hair, a pair of thick eyebrows Duty Free Cigs Fast Delivery, mouth is always sweet. who is she? Tell you, she is my good partner Wang Xinyue Marlboro 100S Cigarettes Free Shipping. today her pen is lost again. I am looking for a pen. I can ask a few people that I have not seen it. "Mu Hongyu, looking at my eyes!" She pretended a small adult. "Did you see my pen?" Wang Xinyue picked up his mouth and looked at me with his eyes. Hey! No way, I also looked at her eyes with her eyes. "No--" I dragged my voice. "Know it!" "Will you look at you?" I continued to look at her with my eyes. "This is �� �� �� �� �� �� �� look again, then I will drink you! OK! Nothing!�� Hey, she used the advertising words of Wangzi milk, let the atmosphere suddenly become active.'t look at her to talk interestingly, in fact, her expression is more interesting.I am writing homework! I accidentally touched her. Oh, it��s gone! The neat work was originally drawn. As soon as she saw it, she rubbed her hands and pouted her mouth. Her nostrils "screamed" and gasped, widening her eyes. Yeah! This is really interesting. "I'm sorry!" I apologized. "Nothing." After she finished, her eyes narrowed and her mouth smiled slightly, huh, really cute! Just angry now! I suddenly opened the dark clouds to see the sun!she is very interesting, I use a fruit to represent her - sweet orange.e is happy, I am so happy to make such a very interesting friend. Wang Xinyue, let the river bring my sincere blessings, I hope the clouds will melt into your colorful hopes, and the flowers of your friendship will always be unbeaten!est thing in life is his friendship with others. "This is a sentence that Lincoln has said. I naturally agree. Because when you are proud of having the advice of a friend, you can prevent pride. When you are frustrated, the encouragement of friends will enhance your courage and confidence in overcoming difficulties. The urging of a friend will advance by victory and struggle. My friendship with Zhang Hang will let me understand the true meaning of the dispute between me and a classmate, the more we quarreled, the more we got up, the two of us got up, I pulled his hair, he twisted my clothes; I bite his hand, he scratched my face. A lot of classmates gathered around to watch the excitement. Only good friend Zhang Hang rushed over and tried to separate us Discount Newport 100S Cigarettes. Then Zhang Hang helped me to go to the infirmary to deal with the wound. He helped me step by step underground, looking at him, I was speechless. When I arrived at the infirmary, I saw him sweating. After my wounds were disposed of, I asked Zhang Hang inexplicably: "Others are watching the excitement. Why are you coming to dissuade? Is it so hard to take me to the infirmary to deal with the wound?" Zhang Hang said: "Because we are Friend Cheap Newport Shorts Free Shipping." "Why don't you help me to fight that person?" Zhang Hang said in a serious way: "The true friendship is based on the principle of persistence. We can't be influenced by the loyalty of the buddies. People who talk about budd How important a friend is, how important friendship is. As long as we carry forward China and Germany, we put friendship first, and everyone unites and helps each other. Today, Zhang Ming helps Xiaogang, tomorrow Xiaogang helps Xiaoning, so help to help, the harmonious campus will be like spring, bright flowers will Very splendid, the small tree will grow into a towering pillar Wholesale Marlboro Red 100'S Cigarettes, and a beautiful tomorrow will be wonderful

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